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A Breakdown of Investments, Expected Returns, and Break-even Point

Investment Details for a 800-rai of Rice Farm/Season with Production Capacity of 40,000 trays (For New Investors) *

Order Item Price/Unit Amount Total Price (Baht)
1 Housing with concrele floor 400 sq.m 750,000 1 750,000
2 Green field with water system 80,000 1 80,000
3 Farm road surrounding the greening field 50,000 1 50,000
4 Semi-auto sowing machine 92,000 1 92,000
5 Sieving machine 15,000 1 15,000
6 Nursery trays 25 40,000** 1,000,000
7 Pick-up truck (Used car) 200,000 2 400,000
8 Canvas tarp and mounting equipment for pick-up truck 10,000 2 20,000
9 2-tonne forklift 250,000 1 250,000
10 Plastic pallet size 1m*1.2m 450 30 13,500
11 Portable post and conveyer system 75,000 1 75,000
  Total 2,745,500


  1. The cost estimation is for new investors. The costs can be lower if the participants have already made some related investments.
  2. The size and value of investment are given as a reference and can be adjusted as the participants see fit. Costs and expected returns also depend on the location and the management skills of individual investors.
  3. Prices are based on SIAM KUBOTA Corporation’s estimation which is subject to changes.
  4. SIAM KUBOTA Corporation reserves the rights to change the price semi-auto sowing machine without prior notice.

Expected Returns and Break-Even Point

Item Baht
Estimated incomes (year) The estimates are based on the production of 40,000 rice seedling mats per season or 240,000 mats per year; seedling mats are sold at 15 baht apiece)**** 3,600,000
Total 3,600,000
Estimated expenses (year) Total
1. Production costs (10 baht per mat) The estimates are based on the production of 240,000 mats (40,000 mats*6 planting cycles) 2,400,000
2. General expenses (rent, water, electricity and other spending) The estimates are based on a monthly expense of 20,000 baht 240,000
Total 2,640,000
Annual Gains 960,000
Break-even point 2.86 years

** Price of non-KUBOTA tray
*** Nursery trays can be reused after rice seedling mats are removed.
**** Prices of rice seedling mats and production costs vary depending on the region/area where the centers are located.